Turrón Artesano I.G.P. Jijona 500 grs


The final result:  The Turrón de Jijona Ricardo Riera is a unique artisan product. This is thanks to excellent toasting process which results in a full intense and long lasting bouquet of aromas with a hint of salt and phenolics. A light toasted colour. When tasting it is compact thanks to its large quantity of full bodied oils at 60%, sweet and melting. The taste lingers in the mouth.



 Marcona Pestaña almonds, hand toasted in a brick oven (70%), sugar, pure rosemary bee’s honey (13%) and egg white.




We have made an effort to recreate a turrón that transports us to the small town of Sexona in the XVI century with a pervading aroma of honey as commented by Don. Antonio Martínez Montiño in “Conduchos de Navidad” (1585).