Turrón Artesano Guirlache 500 grs


Our rigorous and careful processing results in a Guirlache Turrón with a strong floral (and sunflower) intensity thanks to the toasting process of the unskinned almonds and the sesame seeds. The characteristic sweetness comes from the cooking of sugar and honey.  Dark and translucent, and packed in two tablets weighing 250 grs to preserve the quality once it is opened. Crunchy and sweet with a mouth-watering intense flavour. There is no bitterness and the taste lingers on.

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After personally selecting the Pestañeta almonds of the highest quality, we toast them slowly still with their skin in the brick oven, the constant temperature offers a unique fan of aromas; and at the same time we make the characteristic caramel with sugar and pure honey with rosemary. The turrón is handmade and packed under my personal supervision.